Rodman FT
Official Dennis Rodman iOS basketball game

Developed using the latest available hardware and software, Rodman FT is a revolutionary basketball simulation game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
It has a unique visual style never before seen on any platform – it is completely photorealistic.

It was built using the advanced Unity 3D Game Engine and footage of Dennis Rodman shooting free throws. Dennis was shot at 5k resolution and at an incredible 96fps using the latest Epic cameras from Red (the same cameras used to shoot Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”).

How to play:

- pull back to give desired strength
- pull sideways to give direction
- lift finger to release shot
Game Levels description

Get as many points as possible before time runs out.
The game lasts at least 90 seconds, but can be prolonged by getting bonus time extensions.
To get bonus seconds one has to shoot a perfect free throw shot ( ball must not touch the rim or the back board).

A standard shot is worth 40 points, but every consecutive successful one is worth 50% more up to a maximum of 1000 points per shot. [40,60,90,135...1000]
The bonus is lost after every miss.

There are 3 levels and every level has 3 difficulty sub-levels. Easy for beginners, Medium and Hard for those who like a challenge.

Easy: Dennis is almost completely still. If there is wind, it is weak. Medium: Dennis moves back and forth a little and sideways. Winds are strong. Hard: Dennis moves a lot sideways and back and forth. Winds are strong.

Level 1 - Venice Beach

Level 1 is the easiest as there is no wind in it. All you have to do is get the strength right and aim straight.

Level 2 has wind that blows from 2 directions. The wind affects the ball, making this level more challenging. You have to aim towards the wind to score.

Level 3 - California Hills

Level 3 has stronger winds that blow from 6 directions. The direction of the wind changes often and makes this the most difficult level to play.

The Challenge Level - Wherever you are

We have a Challenge level that is available only for devices with back cameras. This Level uses the camera to create Augmented Reality. This Level is played against opponents who take it in turns to play the game while the camera is pointed towards the opponent who has to use his skills to disturb the shooter. This includes waving, making faces and any other action you think will distract your opponent. If you want complete realism you can watch an NBA game and see what the public behind the basket do to disturb shooters. There is no time extension on the Challenge level, you get double points instead. This way every player has just the 90 seconds to collect points, but you still get a lot of extra points for clean shots.

You can use cables or an Apple TV(using Airplay) connected wirelessly to play this level on your TV if your device supports this. You can have the player who is shooting facing away from the TV set so the challenger can view his own movements and the game action live on the TV.

About Dennis

Much has been written, said and whispered about Dennis Rodman, but until the release of this game he managed to keep one thing from the prying public. As you play the game you will immediately notice what Dennis has kept secret. Yes, it is his ability to control the space-time continuum. He uses it to pull the ball back into this hand after every shot. It may have been this ability to attract the ball that has made him one of the greatest rebounders the game of basketball has ever had.

Dennis Rodman is a member of the Basketball Hall Of Fame. His induction into this exclusive club, reserved for the best of the best was no surprise. A living legend he is one of the best defensive players ever. His ability to read the game and be in exactly the right place at the right time has always been regarded by some as literally incredible. At times he would get more rebounds than the entire opposing team.

His image and style were and still are equally unique and incredible. He has pushed the boundaries with his complete disregard for the status quo, the expected and the required. He has forged a new era in which a player can fully express his individuality. We believe his effect on our society as a whole cannot be underestimated, having encouraged others to do the same.

We can only speculate as to the origin of his ability. Some say he is an alien, some say he is a mutant, others yet believe in witchcraft and would have him be a wizard. We like to believe he’s a traveller from the future and has come here to research our time, hiding in plain sight. No proof either way has been found yet.

We have created this game so that anyone could experience what it is like to shoot free throws with such abilities at their disposal. We have also made it possible for you to shoot in style. Dennis Rodman style. You can buy various of his personal outfit combinations and hair style colors too. Some of the outfit options reveal the markings covering his body. We hope the interpretations of these may lead to solving the Dennis Rodman mystery. Please help us uncover the truth by examining them and sharing your thoughts on social networks.

Now go download and enjoy the game.

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